Melissa Blanco Borelli

phd scholar. writer. dancer. cultural critic. music fiend.

Los Penitentes (at Centro de Sevilla)
#mulatadaiquiri (at Columbus Faro)
Southwesternmost point in Portugal, but I doubt the seagull cares. (at Farol do Cabo de São Vicente)
always look up
#albufeirabeach (at Praia De Albufeira (Albufeira Beach))
Boa tarde. (at Marina de Faro)
Sunny day on the Southbank. (at River Thames, Waterloo Bridge)
knight with an attitude. #ayno #idontthinkso #iknowyoudidntmeanme (at Freiburg Minster)
cocktails at The Savoy. #SpringBreak (at The Savoy)
at Kendal Town
Coming really soon.